MSA Youth Teams

U9 – U15 Teams

Birth Years: 2014 – 2008

MSA Youth Teams are comprised of players currently in Elementary and Middle School. Teams will be formed in U9 – U14 age groups. U15 “trapped” players (still in 8th Grade) will participate in the Fall under U14/U15 teams, then move onto U15/U16 teams as the High School age players join in the Winter.

MSA offers all levels of play and is a full-service soccer club located in Erie, Pennsylvania. MSA Blue is the first stage of travel soccer. Those players that continue to develop and fully want to commit to the sport of soccer, are selected to participate in MSA Gold / Premier.

MSA Soccer | Youth Teams

How to Join

Player Evaluations & Team Placement

  • Once players have been assigned to teams, you will receive an email with registration instructions.

2022/2023 Season Information

Age Groups / Birth Years

  • U9 = 2014 birth year
  • U10 = 2013 birth year
  • U11 = 2012 birth year
  • U12 = 2011 birth year
  • U13 = 2010 birth year
  • U14 = 2009 birth year
  • U15 = 2008 birth year

Registration Fee

  • $80.00 paid at the time of registration (due annually)

Player Dues

  • U9 – U10 Teams | $1,400.00
    installments: $140.00/mo x 10 payments
  • U11 – U12 Teams | $1,500.00
    installments: $150.00/mo x 10 payments
  • U13 – U14 Teams | $1,600.00
    installments: $160.00/mo x 10 payments
  • U15 Teams | $1,700.00
    installments: $170.00/mo x 10 payments
  • 5% discount if paid in full at beginning of the year

Uniform Fee

Program Details


  • 10-month season
  • mid-August through mid-June


  • Two training sessions per week at an age-appropriate length as advised by the US Soccer Federation
    • U9 – U10: training not to exceed 60-min per session (50-min games)
    • U11 – U12: training not to exceed 60-min per session (60-min games)
    • U13 – U14: training not to exceed 75-min per session (70-min games)
    • U15 – U19: training not to exceed 75-min per session (80/90-min games)


  • PA West Classic League games
  • Home games for the Fall & Spring seasons


  • Two Regional Level Tournaments held in Erie (one indoor, one outdoor)
  • MSA is the only club to offer this as part of player dues

Footskills & Goalkeeper Training

  • One extra session per week for all players, offered the entire season
  • This weekly session will…
    • be divided into appropriate age groups
    • focus on technical development
    • take place mainly on Fridays (45 – 60 min in length)

Club Operations

  • Player dues include the following…
    • State association fees
    • Player secondary insurance
    • Staff fees and travel
    • Referee fees
    • Field rental

Additional League & Tournament Play

Additional Competition

  • Some teams will choose to participate in additional leagues, tournaments, events, or play dates not covered in the Player Dues.
  • The Club Directors and Age Group Directors will determine any additional activities for each team based on their age, level of play, and travel commitment.
  • Some teams will only participate in the included leagues and tournaments, and thus not incur any additional dues.
  • Any additional fees will be handled through individual team accounts separate from the GotSport billing system.

Team Levels

MSA Gold: Premier

MSA Gold is the highest level of training and competition within MSA club soccer. Our Premier players and coaches will demonstrate the highest level of commitment to excellence in skills, fitness, work ethic, attitude and sportsmanship. Premier players and coaches will demonstrate a commitment to the club, the team and their own soccer development.

Players and teams compete against premier teams from leagues and clubs throughout the region and nation, and at times, Internationally. Based on age and level, teams will compete in 4-6 tournaments annually, that carry additional fees.

MSA Blue: Travel

MSA Blue is the first stage of “travel” club soccer. Travel is not as extensive and time consuming as “Premier” soccer, as it is typically limited and shorter distances of travel, ironically. The goal of MSA Blue is to provide an environment in which the level of competition, commitment, and player development falls between that of the recreation and premier levels. All Blue level  coaches are paid, experienced, licensed club soccer coaches and have a responsibility to develop the soccer skills and team play of their players.

With two training sessions per week, Blue Level players will rapidly increase their skills and abilities. Blue teams participate in the PA West Soccer Association sponsored leagues. Based on age and level, teams typically compete in 1-3 tournaments annually.

This program is geared towards the players that have played recreational soccer for some time – and want to “jump to the next level”, in order to prepare for grade school, middle school or high school soccer. It also prepares players that are ready to commit to the Premier level and need to refine their skills and general tactics.