About MSA

Full Service Youth Soccer Club

MSA offers all levels of play and is a full service soccer club. Many players who are interested in trying out for competitive teams, begin their training by building a solid foundation in MSA Gunners (U6 – U8). Players then move on to MSA teams at the Challenge or Premier level (U9 – U19). MSA Challenge is the first stage of “travel” soccer. Those players that continue to develop and fully want to commit to the sport of soccer, participate in MSA Premier.

MSA Soccer Club Programs Pyramid

MSA Premier | U9 – U19 Teams

MSA Premier is the highest level of competition within MSA club soccer. Our Premier players and coaches will demonstrate the highest level of commitment to excellence in skills, fitness, work ethic, attitude and sportsmanship. Players compete against premier teams from leagues & clubs throughout the region and nation.

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MSA Challenge | U9 – U19 Teams

MSA Challenge is the first stage of “travel” club soccer. Travel is not as extensive and time consuming as “premier” soccer. The goal of MSA Challenge is to provide an environment in which the level of competition, commitment, and player development falls between that of the recreation and premier leagues.

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MSA Gunners | U6 – U8 Players

MSA Gunners is will serve as an effective bridge into MSA’s competitive programs. The professional trainers will provide age-appropriate technical instruction. Typically, it’s for those players that excel at the recreational level and desire an additional environment that is more competitive with advanced coaching. It is, however open to all players.

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Proper Soccer Development

MSA has been developed to meet the needs of the Erie soccer community and surrounding areas. MSA will develop a full top-to-bottom approach in fostering soccer development.

Around the world, soccer clubs have vertically developed their organizations to facilitate the development of youth players. A properly operated player development program can increase a program’s player pool while providing the infrastructure for a program that will be competitive with the strongest programs in the state and region. The founders of MSA recognized that in the Erie community, there exists a void in this area.

MSA will be a full service soccer club dedicated to the development of the local youth soccer player. MSA strives to provide a comprehensive player development scheme at all ages and levels. In addition to introducing children as young as five to soccer in the form of skill academies, camps, clinics, and related games, MSA will also provide education for parents and coaches.

Dedicated to the growth of soccer at the grassroots level in the Erie community, MSA will offer a complete soccer experience to players of all ages and levels for an affordable price. The club will include an in-house Gunners program (U6 – U8), as well as Challenge and Premier boys and girls teams (U9 – U19). We seek to provide youth players with the highest level of professional coaching to ensure they are learning the skills necessary to play soccer at the highest levels in future years. Players will benefit from being part of the most innovative and comprehensive player development system in the area.

Strategic Direction

  • Provide players an inspirational destination and fully integrated player development system
  • Provide a consistent philosophy and age appropriate Youth Curriculum
  • A commitment to continuing education for all MSA players and coaches with on field and classroom instruction from the MSA Technical staff
  • Provide a comprehensive college recruiting program to assist each MSA player to find the appropriate collegiate level.

Looking Forward:  Excellence, Growth and Sustainability

Keys to success and common themes:

  • Consistent player development philosophy
  • Progressive spirit throughout the organization that promotes cooperation and sharing of resources and ideas
  • Synergy and respect between each level in the model
  • Top quality, like minded staff who are committed to building a special system and experience for players with no egos involved
  • Connect and integrate the youth model fully to the entire MSA organization.